Abs or Core workouts seem painful if not done correctly and patiently.Core-strength exercises strengthen your core muscles, including your abdominal muscles, back muscles and the muscles around the pelvis. Strong core muscles make it easier to do many physical activities.

You can do core-strength exercises on a carpeted floor or mat. Breathe freely and deeply during each core-strength exercise. Focus on tightening your transversus abdominis, the deepest abdominal muscle and the one you feel contracting when you a cough.

Repeat each of these core-strength exercises about five times. As your core strength improves, build up to 10 to 15 repetitions. If you have back problems, osteoporosis or other health concerns, talk to your doctor before doing these core-strength exercises.

Here are some Examples you can do with no Equipment;

Basic Crunch: Hands, at the base of your head, and elbows should be pointed out. Using your abdominals, bring your head
and shoulders off the floor, and come up into a crunch position, then lower back with control.Exhale, when you curl up.

Alternate Heel Touch: Keep your feet, apart from each other and, your arms straight downwards.Crunch sideways,
to touch your heels.Exhale, each time you curl sideways.

Legup Crunch: Bent your knees at the parallel of the floor, and keep it unmoving.Start basic crunching.Exhale, when you are upward.

Arm Reaching Crunch: Bent your knees towards your body.Keep your head raised and neck relaxed.Hands supported on the legs.Raise the upper body, hands stay firmly supported by legs as they move forward towards the knees.Exhale, while curling up.

Flutter Kick: Hands down the floor.Your Back should be flat on the floor.Keep your legs straight and move each one opposite direction of kicking action.

Bicycle Crunch: Open your elbows behind the neck, and one leg is going out, one leg goes in while rotating your body towards your incoming heel. Exhale, each time you get close to your knee.

V sit Crunch: Bent the knees extending the arms out, and try to move legs forward as much possible, while upper body lying back in order to balance the whole body.Exhale, while contracted towards knees.

Plank Holding: Put your forearms on the floor and keep straight your body from shoulders to heels. Stay in that position for a while in order to increase strength whole body part.

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