Stretching is not Sport but a sine qua non for any Sports this sense, Flexibility is defined as the range of motion within a joint along the various planes of motion. Within each joint, there is an optimal range of motion (ROM) that is essential for peak performance.

There are many naysayers who believe static stretching is a waste of time and doesn’t prevent injury. I think it’s possible that a seasoned athlete with optimal ROM may not benefit as much from stretching, but I think for anyone who can improve ROM, static stretching is very, very helpful, if not essential. If you are interested in the physiology of stretching and how a range of motion increases, you can check out this article: Physiology of Stretching.

Major stretching benefits:
• Increased movement efficiency
• Decreased risk of injury
• Increased blood supply and nutrients to joint structures
• Increased neuromuscular coordination
• Decreased risk of low back pain
• Reduced muscular tension
• Improved balance and postural awareness

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