Yoga, which makes your body perform physical exercises, which in simple language, encourage and make your mind tired enough to be calm, and energized enough to be patient.

1). Maintaining a Healthy Body:
It helps us to maintain the right weight. And not only this but also Yoga is one way, with which you can strengthen your body all from the inside. Keeping your breathing patterns right, Yoga makes your mind to stay healthy, well balanced and rightly active.

2). Relieves Stress:

Surya namaskars, which are the main part of the Yoga, help your body to lose stress. It detoxifies your body at an overall level. Also, prepares you for a good meditative session, which also if you follow will give you greater relief against stress.

3). Makes the Body more Flexible:
It sure is very important to have a body which is flexible. Not everyone is born with it. But, yes everyone can practice Yoga to keep themselves flexible and be more flexible for the betterment. Being flexible doesn’t mean that you have to do a Back or Front Flip at a point of time, but Flexibility is important to avoid bad body postures and a few more issues as a backache, neck pain or a knee problem.

4). Strengthens Muscles and Improves Balance:
Building muscles sure make us look better. But, more importantly, it is important to have Strong Muscles, to keep joints in good shape. This prevents problems like Arthritis. Also, having strong muscles will help you to have a good balance in old age.

5). Energy or Prana Flow:
Prana means the Energy of Human Body. This Energy keeps us living. It keeps us to stay lively. This Prana means the “Universal Life Force”. As the Human Body grows and age increases, this Prana or Energy, tends to diminish. Right breathing techniques with proper body posturing, helps us to regulate this Energy increasing the length of life.

6). Helps us to stay Happy:
If you practice Yoga every day, sure your life will improve. You will observe changes in yourself, your surroundings and your responses towards them. This will lead you towards a happier and healthier mental state and life.

7). Helps Us Focus:
Many of us do fear to face an audience. We got nervous at times when we are to focus on a thing. This is because we doubt ourselves, as we know it is hard to completely focus on one thing at a time. Hatha Yog helps here too. If you do Yoga, your body will prepare you for focusing better on things. This is because, Yoga requires different postures, along with different breathing techniques at the same time.

8). Increases Blood Flow:
Obviously, it is a lot about Gravity. When we do a HeadStand, more blood flows into our Head, this makes our Brain Function better. Shoulder Stands, HandStands all increase the Blood Flow. This eventually makes us feel more energetic.

Well, for now, this was pretty much about Hatha Yoga. I hope you enjoyed reading this article. Under the tag Spirituality, soon I will share more details about Hatha Yog, demonstrating How to actually Practice Yoga, including Video Lessons for different Postures. Till then stay tuned to this blog, for a lot more content, which keeps you moving towards Fitness; every day.

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